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In the non-profit foundation project Protopia, we harness the creative potential of perspectives from art, society, science, and business. We delve into our everyday consumption habits and explore how we, as individuals and as a society, can bring about a change towards regenerative consumption behavior and thereby create a livable future.

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Driven by curiosity and a deep fascination for human behavior, we explore regenerative futures and make them tangible for others.

We engage in dialogue with pioneering actors and also with everyday people like you and me, who have already started their journey to incorporate more regeneration into their lives.

After identifying the key hacks and plays, we derive a toolbox for regenerative consumption change that can support regeneration journeys on a personal, entrepreneurial, or societal level.

How the idea was born

Protopia is an initiative of the Hamburg cultural and transformation research agency STURMundDRANG (SuD). Together with various project partners, SuD has been researching cultural change for many years and advises individuals, brands, and companies on the development of renewal strategies for their offerings, customer relationships, and corporate culture. The idea for Protopia emerged from the desire to use this expertise, honed over the years, specifically for the research of sustainable and regenerative consumption change and to make the knowledge thus generated accessible to as many people as possible. Together with our future partners, we aim to understand current barriers to action in cultural hackathons and learn how to overcome them.


How can you participate and act?

Our goal is to heighten awareness of our own (dys-)functional consumption patterns that shape our daily lives. Only when we are conscious of our own biases and habits can we identify toxic behaviors and begin to shape our consumption in a more regenerative way.

As Protopia, it's our vision to create a new platform and community for regenerative consumption. In the long term, this is intended to evolve into a communal space for the future. Serving as a workplace, living space, and laboratory, this place aims to make regenerative approaches tangible in various facets and be a breeding ground for sustainable behavioral change.

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Behaviour change

Driven by our curiosity and expertise in the field of behavioral change for sustainability and regeneration, we identify and disseminate narratives, behavioral patterns, habits, and (self-)development opportunities. Our aim is to share our findings with as many people as possible. Protopia's mission is to encourage and empower people to collaboratively experiment, learn, and thereby co-create innovations for our societal life within planetary boundaries.

Our Team

Our team consists of curious minds with complementary skills and professions, including scientists, behavioral researchers, and designers.


Europa Bendig

Behavioral and future researcher,

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Stefan Baumann

Transformational Psychologist,

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Jan van Riesenbeck

Project- und Collaborationmanager,
Sustainable Design & Business 

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Wiebke Eberhardt

New Business and

Marketing Strategist

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Karolina Braun

Designer and 

Marketing Strategist

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Curious to find out more?

We are looking forward to sponsors, impulses and collaborators for our protopical projects!

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