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Study on new narratives

Our way to Protopia

Our way to Protopia

Society and economy are at a turning point. The old understanding no longer applies, and the new one has not yet been established. At the same time, the previous narratives and symbols no longer fit the current context. However, we need them – the positive visions and stories of the future. Because they unleash the forces with which we can tackle the challenges of the necessary transformations.

That's why, with our "Impact Cultures" study, we want to identify the new narratives with which we can positively change the world.


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Our method

For this purpose, we have connected experts in our Protopia Think Tank - 13 renowned cultural and narrative researchers, authors, semioticians, and transformation consultants were interviewed and brought together in a workshop.

Dr. Martin Bethke is not included in the picture.

The results reveal

If we manage to change the narratives around the important issues of our time, the emerging stories can develop a pull and initiate a new, regenerative behavior.

What are narratives? A narrative is a meaningful story that determines the worldview of a group or culture. As deep-seated patterns of meaning, they provide us with social orientation, motivate us to take action, and guide our behavior. Narratives have a societal shaping force and can move us from talking to doing regardless of our political stance.

Why sustainability is not enough anymore

As behavioral researchers, we observe: While sustainability is correct, it is not a suitable vision to truly motivate people to take action. What we need are new goals. And they are regenerative.

What is regenerative? The regenerative principle deepens the idea of sustainability. The aim is not just to reduce our negative impact to zero, but to create net-positive practices that remediate past damages. Thus, a regenerative system is a growing, adaptable, living system that doesn't wear out over time but heals itself.

Download of the study

We want to distribute our study to as many future social architects as possible! Simply sign up for our newsletter and become a part of our ReGen community. After confirming your registration, you will receive access to the study.

Where do you stand on the path to Protopia (into a regenerative future)?
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